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The Arc of Inquiry bends towards Enlightenment - The SARS-CoV-2 Origin Project

KimDotCom interviewed Andrew Huff & I about the origin of COVID & the future of genetic engineering

Podcast - 3 Days that Will Live in Infamy: The latest Fauci FOIA evidence, in full context

The other shoe drops: Evidence of a synthetic origin for SARS-CoV-2

Have pollsters failed? Only if their goal was accuracy

Saying what needs to be said

Rethinking Pandemia - A roundtable discussion with Norman Fenton, David Livermore, David Bell & Charles Rixey

Reverse-Deconstruction of the Wuhan Market-Origin hypothesis

A DRASTIC discussion with Rounding the Earth

The Road Not Taken

Gaslight of the Gods, part VII: Allegory of the Plague

Five Easy Pieces:

COVID Consensuship 101: If you fabricate it, they will come

The Twitter Chronicles III: Stranger in a Stranger Land

Gaslight of the Gods, part VI: The Sound of Science

DRASTIC Livestream #VI: Why didn't Fauci 'Mind the Gap?'

"Not because it is Easy - but because it is Hard" - Kennedy's words in the age of COVID-19

On Spotify & iTunes: My appearance on the Out of the Blank podcast

You'll Never Walk Alone

The Hornet's Nest has been kicked

A YouTube stream: DRASTIC & Rounding the Earth break down apparent DoD data manipulation

The Times, they are a-changin

Tears in Rain, Vol II: Our Forgotten Heroes on the Front Line

The Shadow Pandemic: Censorship is destroying America, not protecting it

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Part V: The Myth of the Blind Watchmaker

Gaslight of the Gods, part IV: Guardians of the Fallacy

Gaslight of the Gods, part III: The Architects of COVID-19 #Consensuship

Gaslight of the Gods, part II: A 13% 'Consensus' of implicated scientists censored science - & then us - to protect themselves

The 'Royal' Treatment

Whatever you do, DON'T feed the scientists

Vintage Livestream: Picking out early escape signals from CDC data, 9/4/2021

DRASTIC Livestream #2 will start at 640pm EST tonight, 2/23/2022

Happy Valentine's Day

Open Letter: Allowing a Comprehensive International Investigation of Pandemic Origins would be a True Expression of Olympic Values

Pandora's Box: An Index & Beginner's Guide to the quest for justice & common sense in the COVID-19 pandemic

Gaslight of the Gods: The new DARPA report raises a lot of questions no one is asking

The GoF-father

SARS WARS: Saving the Galaxy from the COVID Fallacy

Your New Year's gift - A DRASTIC Livestream @ 3pm EST

Who Watches the Watchmen? - Fauci's Noble Lie, Exposed