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Great job! you might like to complete your research with :

The REAL COVID timeline:

NOT what you were drilled


Bio-BOMB, not “vaccine”, not “gene-therapy”

This 5th gen war, includes a war on semantics.


What do bioweapons have to do with the Department of Energy?

Anybody answering these questions PLEASE ? !!!


I'm about to add this:

French masons step in

23 February 2017. Why would freemason-buddy 1 French-prime minister Bernard Cazeneuve cut the ribbon of the lab invited by lab director Zhiming Yuan?2 Tourism or planning? A person without any scientific training like Cazeneuve gains no insight from visiting a lab, especially when they chose what to show and what not.

“More than 100 people from different administrative entities including CAS, China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS), Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China and French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM) that have participated in the entire program on Sino-French Cooperation.“ Not only for viral research but also for antivirals and vaccines (they needed the cure before the bioweapon release).

Yuan said “China is positively undertaking the responsibility and obligation to ensure global public health security.” (note: China never offered to pay for the infinite pandemic costs and damages due to the alleged security breach).

After the inauguration, there was a meeting to upgrade the cooperation, including “Yves LECY, Director of INSERM, Dr. Hervé RAOUL, since 2005 Director of Jean Mérieux-Inserm Biosafety Level-4 Laboratory in Lyon, Mr. Dianwen Cao, Vice President of Bureau of International Cooperation, CAS, and stakeholders from CNAS, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention and WIV.” 3

Raoul (not hero Dr. Didier Raoult), is since 2008 Chairman of RINHA (European Research Infrastructure of Highly Pathogenic Agents), later (1 Jan 2021), deputy director to the National Agency for Research on AIDS and Viral Hepatitis (ANRS), including “STIs, tuberculosis, Covid-19, viral haemorrhagic fevers and arboviruses”.4 Having published on ebola, lassa, arenavirus, H1N1, H5N1,5 and experimenting with HIV 6 (part of which was inserted into COVID), he was essential in know-how transfer. 7

Nature article: self-fulfilling prophecy?

• “The move is part of a plan to build between five and seven biosafety level-4 (BSL-4) labs across the Chinese mainland by 2025. One BSL-4 lab in Harbin is already awaiting accreditation; the next two are expected to be in Beijing and Kunming, the latter focused on using monkey models to study disease.

• SARS virus has escaped from high-level containment facilities in Beijing multiple times. Some scientists outside China worry about pathogens escaping, and the addition of a biological dimension to geopolitical tensions between China and other nations.These facilities are inherently dual use (note: military purposes).

• But Chinese microbiologists are celebrating their entrance to the elite cadre empowered to wrestle with the world’s greatest biological threats ... (and) act as a World Health Organization ‘reference laboratory’

• Future plans include studying the pathogen that causes SARS, which also doesn’t require a BSL-4 lab (note: unless weaponizing it) … In particular, the emergence of zoonotic viruses — those that jump to humans from animals, such as SARS (note: as in SARS-Cov-1, zoonotism is the perfect cover for gain of function).

• Many staff from the Wuhan lab have been training at a BSL-4 lab in Lyon.” 8

US masons step in

The Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV P4 lab) was a Chinese bio-warfare facility with ties to the highest Chinese CCP and military authorities, was later funded by the Fauci (USA) military industrial complex 9, the Canadian BSL4 lab10 and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, obsessed with SARS bioweapons. 11

20 Oct 2017. The WIV signed an agreement with the University of Texas Medical Branch UTMB’s P4 Galveston National Laboratory to collaborate on viral scientific research, with the Chinese lab entitled to order the Texas lab to “destroy” any “secret files” (which was illegal for the Texas lab since the funding was public).12 “The lab in Texas, with funding from the National Institutes of Health, was doing biosafety training with the lab in Wuhan.”13… since 2013 till present spent millions of dollars without any return along 10 years, just generously training in biosafety, no less than China, the alleged enemy number one of the USA.

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Excellent! Thank you to you & all who contributed your time so generously to this.

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bs"d It's important to understand that there are military documents that concern increased control and eventual takedown of the populace (those who are not top members of the military-industrial complex, that secret part that has all the controls enabling them to run programs that can endanger, sicken, and kill many of the populace) and there is such a document from a secret part of USAF, targeting 2025 as a date when all surviving citizens must be 'enhanced', meaning, made into cyborgs, which info I got from geoengineeringwatch.org, and there is a NASA document dated 2001, from a video posted by Deborah Tavares in 2013, on YouTube (miraculously they did not yet take it down, last I checked) which details U.S. military (again, the secret part that has those powers) plan to end lives of all humans by end of 2024, except those whose systems have been 'hardened' by manmade electronic components, as many scientists came to believe that humans are too 'squishy' to survive the evolution-point in time to which we are coming, due to an oncoming ice age, which, also, is not permitted to be discussed in mainstream narratives, as well as magnetosphere decrease or whatever other climate & seismic changes they know are coming. They may think humans can survive the injections, but their own experiments show it's not true except for a very few, perhaps, and, graphene is now considered to be the adjuvant ot choice, despite its razorlike molecular structure which has caused so much vital-organ-system tissue damage for many injection recipients who are now either deceased or very sick, and you can find papers on this in the NHS online archives. It's normalized, like toxic metallic adjuvants were in earlier tragic episodes of injection development. Interestingly, Dane Wigington reported, probably as long as 2 years ago by now, I can't remember exactly when, that graphene and mRNA nanoparticles have been found in such a distribution that implies, maybe proves, that they have added these types of nanoparticles to what they were already spraying from the skies for quite a while, being aluminum, manganese, strontium, and barium, and these toxic metal nanoparticles amplify the toxicity of what comes to people via injection; and then there are new plants that will be grown to contain the mRNA nanoparticles, so that anyone who eats those vegetables will also become as though they had been injected, 'enhanced'. Those of us who value the integrity of who and what we are do not wish for such an enhancement. It is definitely a deliberate project, part of a plan which has been in place for a very long time. Such plan does not respect humans as made in G-d's image nor as His agents on earth and in the physical plane, so it will one way or other be foiled, even at great cost, and I am not exactly sure how at this time. Thank you for your courage and your hard work.

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There is no such thing as a virus

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It's starting to feel like your years of incredible research and determination are paying off, I hope! Truly amazing body of work you've put together Charles, I've enjoyed following every bit of it, well done

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I would really like to contribute but won't use Paypal. How about Zelle, Venmo, or even a check?

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Thanks for your tireless efforts in helping to lead the crusade for justice that not only the United States deserves, but all of humanity needs to see, hear, and understand.

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From a speech that was leaked a few years ago, presumably given by Schwab to world leaders justifying world depopulation (it's to spare them from the violence of climate change) and explaining the strategy. See last section for the intent to roll out variations of the virus (which has already been shown by genetic analysis to have been done in reverse order, e.g., Omicron is several years "older" than its predecessors or to have zero plausibility of natural spread, such as the difficult-to-transmit monkey pox being 'detected' on three continents within a week despite there being no central outbreak):

"To use modern gene editing technology to create a rapidly spreading virus which may be variably controlled in effect to increase and decrease severity of symptomatic development... As viruses mutate rapidly and are rather uncontrollable by nature this shall not be the major vector of de-population.

"Simultaneously a vaccine which may be better controlled to the affects of its traits shall be produced. Through the action and our understanding of vaccine enhanced disease in the long researched relation to coronaviruses we feel that this is the ideal candidate whereby the immune response of individuals becomes dependent upon vaccinations while also becoming more vulnerable to future iterations of the virus.

"Whereby our understanding of spike protein interaction within the human body and its gradual and long term effects we feel this is the most humane method to enact a graduated level of de-population across time to minimize undesirable human caused destruction of the environment by causing low levels of alarm and avoiding panic that would occur through more rapid methods. Through controlling interim batches of vaccines and the understood side effects reproductive processes can be controlled as well as a major but gradual reduction in overall population over the course of 3-5 years.

"If at such a time it becomes necessary through lack of willing vaccination members to adequately reduce population to sustainable levels more severe versions of the virus may then be released which will appear as naturally occurring. This action will increase vaccination compliance particularly amongst unwilling nation states."

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WHY WAS DEADLY MIDAZOLAM given to Pneumonia patients put on high pressure unmonitored bacteria-laden ventilators, but ANTIBIOTICS and HCQ blocked early on after “test positive”?



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It would be really nice to share with people that pomegranate peel is a natural fusion cleavage inhibitor and ativiral against HIV-1 and Sars-CoV-2 and chimeric spike jabs.

#antidote #topsecret #why?

I linked your post in my post today. https://denutrients.substack.com/p/disinformation-is-delivered-with

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God speed, Sir!

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Trump knew. A 12 year old child would have known. Why are you trying to protect him?

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Hello, Charles, great to meet you.

Fantastic effort here. I appreciate it and am grateful.

I would love to help support you with getting into the the brains of the plandemic. I am subscription maxed out, having lost my employment for refusing the mandate with alimony and debt obligations still over my head. I've since become a refugee where it is less expansive to live than Canada, and also less tyrannical.

All the best, with peace, respect, love and gratitude.

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