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Great Job.

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Is that what the Covid stormtroopers are spraying in China? Fusion inhibitors?

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Apparently there’s some evidence of fusion inhibitor efficacy against Omicron, which goes to the continuing relevance of your analysis here.


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Excellent work.

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"Important" does not begin to describe the enormity of this latest piece. The question now remains, "how many members of Congress and State Legislatures are aware of this info and what will they do with it?"

My guess is absolutely nothing, but I still hold out hope that justice will prevail.

Thanks again for your tireless efforts.

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I've been following covid-19 related issues since the beginning as carefully as I can. I've read a great many things from a wide variety of sources. This article is the most shocking thing I've read so far.

The idea that including HIV segments was for the purpose of making the virus vulnerable to peptide fusion inhibitor class of drugs is mind blowing. That is the missing puzzle piece that explains how an engineered virus could be so blithely released: they had an antidote.

That explains why the HIV gp120 insert paper goes straight to Fauci immediately and resulted in zerohedge getting an immediate tech company smackdown. It also explains the early efforts to suppress HCQ. For that, the Gallaher booklet is extremely revealing. He clearly got coaching for his 'update' version of Feb 7. For instance, he went from not masks to advising masks. That was marching orders. In his update he also mentions chloroquine might be effective. That recognition leads to the global suppression of HCQ. An example being a national stockpile in US buys it up to create a shortage. France makes it prescription only. A precursor factory for HCQ is burnt down in Taiwan. Then the deluge of fake news like the fish cleaner story.

Now what would be very interesting is a roadmap, some kind of data, that shows exactly who was getting and taking the correct fusion inhibitors. I would very much like to know. Whoever they are, they are responsible for every death from covid-19 and the vaccines combined.

EDIT: I want to add that remdesivir in this interpretation of events should be seen as a deliberate tool to murder people to boost the death rate. As was the strategy of infecting nursing home residents. They knew which drugs were likely to work and picked one that was likely to kill. It is the AZT of sars-cov-2.

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Thank you, and I am sharing your extremely important information. I am also becoming a paid subscriber. I wonder how long such work as you describe has been ongoing.

Almost exactly one year ago, I was asked to give a short talk to a community group on the vaccines. In preparing for it, I read up on the 2003 SARS outbreak and realized there are similarities, e.g., China hiding it until it escaped elsewhere, uncertainty about the origin of the outbreak, the WHO's cooperation with China, and still-erroneous case counts. I also ran across this piece, in which "Changchun Tu, a virologist who directs the OIE Reference Laboratory for Rabies in Changchun, China," expressed some remaining reservations about the natural spread of the original SARS:

"To clinch the case, a team led by Shi Zheng-Li and Cui Jie of the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China sampled thousands of horseshoe bats in locations across the country3. “The most challenging work is to locate the caves, which usually are in remote areas,” says Cui. After finding a particular cave in Yunnan, southwestern China, in which the strains of coronavirus looked similar to human versions4,5, the researchers spent five years monitoring the bats that lived there, collecting fresh guano and taking anal swabs1.

"They sequenced the genomes of 15 viral strains from the bats and found that, taken together, the strains contain all the genetic pieces that make up the human version. Although no single bat had the exact strain of SARS coronavirus that is found in humans, the analysis showed that the strains mix often. The human strain could have emerged from such mixing, says Kwok-Yung Yuen, a virologist at the University of Hong Kong who co-discovered the SARS virus: “The authors should be congratulated for confirming what has been suspected.”

"But Changchun Tu, a virologist who directs the OIE Reference Laboratory for Rabies in Changchun, China, says the results are only “99%” persuasive. He would like to see scientists demonstrate in the lab that the human SARS strain can jump from bats to another animal, such as a civet. "If this could have been done, the evidence would be perfect,” he says.

"Another outstanding question is how a virus from bats in Yunnan could travel to animals and humans around 1,000 kilometres away in Guangdong, without causing any suspected cases in Yunnan itself. That “has puzzled me a long time”, says Tu."

Yunnan to Guangdong: 600-780 miles; 1,000-1,300 km

Wuhan to Guangdong: 500-600 miles; 800-1,000 km

This piece:


The best article on the timeline for the original SARS that I found:


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I just finished watching your interview with James Couey, and you made a comment that I would like to address as simply as possible. Towards the end of the interview you made the query, "I can't fathom how our leaders could do this to their own people." To put it simply and succinctly; greed, avarice, and unadulterated wickedness. This is purely evil.

After watching your interview, I have a whole new level of appreciation for the work you are doing.

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There’s another piece of evidence coming into view, on the legal side. I’ve been reading through the many Congressional statutes and implementing HHS regulations adopted, mostly since 2000, on the bioterrorism front, from the 1983 law that first set up the Public Health Emergency framework under the 1944 Public Health Service Act, through the 2000 Public Health Improvement Act (which expanded HHS Secretary’s powers almost a year before the anthrax attacks) to the 2020 CARES Act and the current HR 34 - Cures Act 2.0.

There are a lot of them.

But a repeated phrase that keeps coming up is the definition of ‘covered countermeasure’ or ‘qualified pandemic or epidemic product’ to include both

“i. a product manufactured, used, designed, developed, modified, licensed or procured to diagnose, mitigate, prevent, treat, or cure a pandemic or epidemic; or to limit the harm such pandemic or epidemic might otherwise cause;


ii. a product manufactured, used, designed, developed, modified, licensed, or procured to diagnose, mitigate, prevent, treat or cure a serious or life-threatening disease or condition caused by a product described in clause (i).”

See, for example, 42 USC 247d-6d(i)(7)(A) [PREP Act of 2005]

Every time I see it, I note in the margins “”poison and antidote.”

If I’m reading the threads on the go-120 sequences correctly, it’s related to this legal framework: the same team of people designed the poison and the antidote, distributed the poison and is preparing now to roll out the antidote, as a expansion of the control,profit, enslave, kill paradigm.

Bioterrorism is legal, so long as it’s governments committing acts of bioterrorism on their own citizens.

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Pardon the delay, but I finally got around to writing a simplified summary of your article. Let me know if I need to make corrections ;-)


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I'm no scientist, just a dabbler, but I've often wondered--If a virus was intentionally leaked in a biowarfare situation, wouldn't the leakers need a way to not succumb to the virus? How could they ensure keeping themselves safe from harm? Are these fusion inhibitors the answer? And are there natural fusion inhibitors available to the common man, or do they need to be designed for the specific viruses?

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