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i wish i were there!

it’s this precise call to sacrifice that animated generations of ‘Kennedy Catholics,’ which is my heritage, if i had to pinpoint it. we do the hard stuff b/c that’s what’s required for real social bonds that transcend petty chatter of the day. the uniparty (or duopoly) never asks anything of us except to spend money or acquire debt, which has led us down a dangerous blind alley.

Kennedy’s death was the primary rupture in US history and we’ve never recovered. I’d love to make that right by seeing his nephew take office.

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Of course. I have read this. But, as Ms. Karen Hunt, another Substacker wrote me, just yesterday, we must understand what we are up against: "It should make sense that this could happen, however, as history shows us, leaders rise up against the current system with wonderful ideologies, people follow them for good reason, the leaders get a bit of power, and the corruption starts all over again. Rise and fall, rise and fall. What is happening now is a whole new ball game. For the first time, a small group of elites can quite possibly harness the power to control everyone on the planet, through technology. The goal has always been to transcend humanity--not for everyone, but for a select few. Of course, they can never achieve this. They can never find that "spark" to create life. But they sure can destroy it in the process. I've written quite a bit about this but one of my first essays, Utopian Madness, https://khmezek.substack.com/p/utopian-madness is a good overview, where I talk about what's really happening behind mass psychosis, which is menticide. And then, I, Zombie. https://khmezek.substack.com/p/i-zombie"



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There is no such thing as a virus

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Right on.

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Hi Charles, I was there also, and was so glad to be. Met people from Texas, Ohio, S. Carolina, and all the NE states. All ages present - in fact I was surprised by number of younger people, and families. I was afraid it would be all boomers of a certain age but no! I thought he did a great job, and while I doubt he'll win, even if just 10-5% more people truly listen to him, it would make a big difference in the years to come. Thank you for all your good work.

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Thank you charles.

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America is only a shining city on a hill to Americans who know no better and to desperate people living in the Third World. To the rest, particularly the developed world, there is only gratitude to not be born American and to take notes to not become like the US.

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As I’ve posted elsewhere:

Sorry, but I can’t do it. I cannot vote for Bobby Jr.

He’s been great on Covid and issues related to it.

He is also a ‘liberal’ democrat. His stands on ‘climate change’ alone should be enough to disqualify him from being president.

Many of his policy solutions on a wide array of issues are very much in tune with the current administration.

He is not going to appoint a conservative to any position of real authority, his writings are full of shots at Republicans and conservatives.

He is a Democrat. His entire family is full of democrats.

If elected President, he would most certainly appoint democrats..... many of whom are connected with or are in the current administration ... to run the executive branch.

Nothing will change under an RFK Jr administration and it may actually get worse.

As corrupt as the Biden regime is, they aren’t the real problem.

The problem is with the policies that they, and Bobby, believe in.

Those policies simply don’t, and can’t, work .......

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I tried to attend RFK jr. announcement, but security denied me entrance for having a GoPro camera. It just never occurred to me that would not be allowed. I'm not so sure it was Oswalds' bullet that killed JFK. I was in the 2nd grade elementary school at the time. FWIW I was in the Marine Corps (7/74 to 7/78). Check out https://philberg.substack.com/p/american-brainwashed when you get a chance. Semper Fi brother.

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