There is no such thing as a virus

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both zoonotic emergence and "accidental" lab release are by design a very effective "distraction" from the fact the "chinese" - the chinese communist party / people's liberation army knew what was circulating person to person in Wuhan and not only allowed but worked to keep virus carrying travel open from China deliberately infecting the world. Actions speak - they say stealth bioweapon attack used in "economic" war on the "west".

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I truly believe that in a functional society the JHU pandemic simulations would be discussed at length along with the affiliations of the ‘players’ involved. The fact that it’s basically verboten to even reference them gives me little hope. Dark Winter was discussed during the 9/11 commission hearings. Coincidentally Philip Zelinkow is the head of the Covid commission at the UVA Miller Center. I’ve just lost hope and believe the fix is in but I’ve greatly appreciated your work and hope that I’m proven wrong.

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Wonder why no-one will tackle any of this? The net of corruption spewing from Moderna is wide, high and moving on to the next project. So what is Moderna up to now? Why are governments and individuals, including the UK PM via his (hands-free) hedge fund Theleme investing in Moderna’s new facilities in Melbourne, Australia, in Canada and in Oxford,UK?

from Dr Kevin Stillwagon

‘Moderna is testing a new bioweapon on humans right now. It’s called MRNA-1215. It is targeting another bat virus, the Nipah virus (NiV). You can read about the trial on clinicaltrials.gov right here: https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT05398796?cond=Nipah+Virus+Infection&draw=2&rank=2

Here’s the synopsis. The sponsor is NIAID. The collaborator is Moderna TX, Inc. The mRNA-1215 was co-developed by the Vaccine Research Center (VRC), National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID) and ModernaTX, Inc, and manufactured by ModernaTX. The mRNA codes for the production of the G protein on the Nipah virus that binds to receptors on human cells. Sound familiar? It should, because Moderna’s MRNA-1273 in the covid shot coded for the S protein on the Sars-CoV-2 virus that binds to receptors on human cells. They are using the same playbook.’


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I wrote to my children on March 30th, 2020 - that Covid-19/SARS-Cov-2 was NOT a natural disease - but an American SECRET BIO-WEAPON with the criminal INTENTION to spreading BIO-TERRORISM GLOBALLY.

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Think about this: If China created SARS-2, why has the US gone to such lengths to cover up its origin by human-engineering?

Evidence on US lab leaks at Fort Detrick’s BSL-4 and BSL-3 labs, including USAMRIID, as collected over three years and published Apr 25 2023 by journalism professor Alison Young in Pandora’s Gamble:

“In the previous eighteen months, there had been thirty-six incidents at USAMRIID that required the labs to notify the CDC of the potential release of select agent pathogens. “Sixteen of the thirty-six reports documented departures from USAMRIID’s SOPs,” …referring to the standard operating procedures that are a cornerstone of biosafety. …

“Two days after the CDC official’s letter, USAMRIID had yet another spill of a potentially infectious material…on July 11, 2019, [with] a worker being put on a 21-day fever watch. … The CDC ordered USAMRIID to immediately cease all work with select agent pathogens, … effective July 12 2019. …. It was a stunning blow to the crown-jewel lab at the revered birthplace of biosafety.” [p. 52]

“In the United States, the government agencies entrusted with setting standards and overseeing safety have deeply conflicted interests: These same agencies operate their own labs and often are funding or collaborating on the research with the same academic, private, and other government labs they are supposed to police.” [p. 240]

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I am curious to hear your thoughts concerning the renewal of EcoHealth's funding renewal by the NIH. I stated nearly 2 years ago that I still held out hope that justice would ultimately prevail against the forces arrayed against us. Today, that hope is all but dashed to pieces with the announcement that Daszak has been granted carte blanche to continue his reprehensible "research" putting humanity at risk of annihilation.


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Outstanding! Hats-off and thank you

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