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I’m so sorry about Kaitlyn. Sickening seeing young people die because they want everyone to get the transfection. Covid patients are not being treated properly at all. Everyone must get a protocol in mind before sickness hits, and obtain the drugs Like ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine and supplements necessary to follow it. Inhaled Budesonide is another good treatment. Otherwise they send you home with aspirin or Tylenol and say to call when you can’t breathe. Then it’s hospital, remdesivir, vent, death. Maybe they wanted it that way.

Your research is excellent! Another great digger has a good article out today that you might find interesting: https://boriquagato.substack.com/p/peter-daszak-supervillain-origin?r=jhq3f&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=email&utm_source=

I am anxious as you are for the criminals to be held accountable, Fauci in particular. I wrote to Rand Paul in July and referenced your piece on him along with work done by Jonathan Couey, but have not had a response. I had hoped he would contact you both. I remain confident he is working behind the scenes to send the evildoers where they belong.

My condolences to you and your wife and many thanks for your excellent work.

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Excellent work, so sorry to hear about Kaitlyn. One avenue of inquiry that I'm curious about but not qualified or able to really delve into is the relationship between the alterations that seem to have been made to an existing bat coronavirus in order to make it infectious to humans and the targeted proteins of the mRNA vaccines. It seems likely that the virus was made for the vaccine, rather than vice-versa.

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The audacity of the "scientists" responsible for this makes me sick. I appreciate the work you and your team are doing. Those people definitely need to be held accountable. I lost a friend to the virus Saturday morning, a 62 year-old retired Marine. Sorry for the loss of your friend as well. Now we face a vaccine mandate or lose our jobs by the end of the month.

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Has everyone saved a copy of the MATH+ protocol for COVID?


The AMA's refusal to treat the virus early should be considered a crime. There are numerous ways to inhibit viral replication, but none of them are used. Everyone should make sure their basic red blood cell vitamin D levels are enhanced, along with magnesium and other basics. One of my former students participated in this publication on the success of vitamin D treatment of COVID patients,


Ivermectin is a standard drug for treating parasites in children. It is quite safe. Veterinary ivermectin (or any drug for edible animals) can indeed be used for humans - the dosage is printed on the back of the bottle for the weight range of my goats.

In the last ten years, eight of my friends have died of bronchitis, a hospital-generated infection, after hospital stays for non-fatal illnesses. Three others died of C. diff, another hospital infection. Hospitals are filthy. No wonder people are dying when they are on ventilators. Ventilators require skilled technicians and a sterile environment, neither of which exist in US hospitals.

Years ago, the DoD concluded that the HVAC systems in hospitals were contaminated, but that the cost was too great to fix them. Of course, this cost estimate was not for a simple fix, which would have been using heat pumps. The Chinese hospitals I have visited all use heat pumps, they have no central air ducts. They also had windows that opened. The nurses told me the rule was "closed patient doors, open windows" for each room.

Seeing the FDA remove vitamin D supplements from the market, watching the AMA ban IV vitamin C and ivermectin... this widespread censorship smacks of dictatorship.

After many years in biotech, how do you know a drug rep is lying? His mouth is moving.

Our condolences to your family for the loss of your friend. And we want to extend our appreciation for your work here. We purchased a subscription.

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My condolences to you and your friends on the loss of Kaitlyn. Words can never ease the sorrow of that loss. I say that knowing how true it is; not that we have felt that loss specifically, but walking through a leukemia diagnosis with our 6 year old son, we understand full well the risks and the consequences. With that being said, the travesty of our entire response to this pandemic has been immensely devastating to every sector of our society. And the wholesale loss of public trust of the medical community, and "science" in general, due to blind adherence, has only served to further the losses we have suffered at the hands of fools. Fauci, Daszak, Baric, and a host of others have to give account, but I am skeptical. However, I still have some optimism remaining with people like you leading the charge.

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Im so sorry about your loss. I'm 50 years old male. Very healthy. Actually I'm at what I was at 25 now. I have not been vaccinated due to past nimerous vaccine complications but I'm at a cross road now. Should I get it? Genuine question here considering weakening of the mRNA products effectiveness and such drastic increase in bad reactions over the previous years with conventional ones.

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"It is indisputable that the mRNA vaccines have saved tens of thousands of lives."

I dispute that. PROVE that the sham "vaccines" have saved even ONE life. DO NOT cite worthless "studies" from the CDC or similar professional lying organizations.

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..It is indisputable that the mRNA vaccines have saved tens of thousands of lives,.. NO proof of this.. Vaccines don’t protect people from COVID-19

Gibraltar, a territory with a population of around 34,000, began vaccination in December 2020 with only 1,040 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and five deaths. After a comprehensive vaccination program that extended to many visitors, the number of new infections increased five-fold to 5,314 and the number of deaths increased 19-fold to 97.

and they KILL. ''Forbidden knowledge. Medical Bombshell: Pfizer Vax Attacks Human Blood Creating Clots Under Microscope''.

Delete if you must!

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