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What I've found so compelling about the COVID story for the past two years: It has all the best aspects of detective mysteries, crime novels, spy novels, political dramas and scientific inquiry, all mixed together. I find this endlessly fascinating.

I may be missing the point, but this sentence doesn't make sense to me: "It’s clear that someone wanted to keep the files safe from public scrutiny." If that were so, the files would have stayed where they had been, hidden away. Instead, they suddenly showed up. That suggests to me that someone wanted them found.

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thank u for your intense work on the doc intel. it is coming together. there are more reveals coming.

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Just read through your Twitter feed mentioned on Martin Crawford's Substack DMED post. I noticed you mentioned the Jan 27th "Terminal [C]WO video"as the source for the "tan-orange" entries in your DMED spreadsheet.

On Feb 1st, "Danny" also published a post with a 14-minute commentary along with links to download three pdfs with more data. I thought you might want to take a look at it:

It shows one bar chart with data going all the way back to 2006 for Acute Myocarditis (I really hope there's also more data going back to 2006 for the other diagnoses as well).

Another pdf shows the DMED query screenshots (with age-stratification) from 2016-2020 for 37 diagnoses. These screenshots appear to be some of the whistle blower's raw data used for by Thomas Renz to create his spreadsheet (I haven't cross-checked any of the numbers myself).

And, another pdf spreadsheet lists the annual numbers 2016-2021 for about 100 codes.

You can find the links to download these pdfs at Danny's "Terminal CWO" website (along with his 14-min. commentary) in his post: https://trmlx.com/dod-dmed-data-proves-theyve-known-theyre-poisoning-the-military/

He's also got some other related recent posts:

https://trmlx.com/military-mandate-brief-given-to-members-of-congress-with-all-of-the-facts/ and a podcast at https://trmlx.com/dod-establishes-pattern-of-consistent-medical-fraud/ and a short video at https://trmlx.com/vaccine-injuries-in-the-dod-and-the-attempted-cover-up/ (which you've already seen). He's also got some podcasts on Spotify at Terminal CWO (mostly non-related to DMED).

Hopefully, this info will help you to figure out what's going on with this DMED story.

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